Lo Loestrin

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Drive brand education and growth of Lo Loestrin as a non-hormonal, long-term contraceptive solution.

The Insight

Manifestation and intention setting is on the rise amongst progressive Gen Z and Millennial women who want to feel empowered to control more aspects of their lives.

The Solution

As the premier site for Gen Z and Millennial women, Elite Daily serves as the ideal space to house the ultimate life handbook: Manifest This. This custom destination housed a suite of content leaning into themes of health & wellness and love & dating, which spotlighted the empowering experience of taking the non-hormonal contraceptive Lo Loestrin.

Consistent visuals across a suite of branded and unbranded articles in addition to an interactive, custom-designed quiz on birth control leaned into our core theme of manifestation. We rounded out the program with a series of newsletters, ultimately positioning Lo Loestrin as a progressive, sexually empowering solution for women.

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