Diversity & Inclusion


At BDG, we are committed to equipping our employees at every level with the tools and resources needed to connect us closer to the diverse communities we serve and to each other. We place value in our people and understand that mentorship and fostering career development drives equal opportunity for success.

We are committed to building a workplace that welcomes all backgrounds, beliefs, and experiences, and one that strives to provide a deep sense of belonging for all employees.

“It's so evident from team brainstorming meetings, to our features, to the daily news and service posts that we produce, that the editors here at BDG are authentically passionate about ensuring our content is reflective of a diversity of perspectives and identities. There is so much care and thought that goes into everything we produce, and I'm proud to work with editors who are so mindful about the impact of our content.” — Amanda Chan, Vice President, Content Strategy

Inclusion Council

BDG’s Diversity & Inclusion Council advocates for an equitable workplace that promotes and celebrates diverse voices and cultivates a deeply inclusive Company culture. The Council is broken down into four employee-led committees, which allows the Company to invest and focus on critical areas:

  • Editorial
  • Revenue
  • Recruiting
  • Culture & Service

By The Numbers

BDG’s commitment to creating a diverse and inclusive workforce applies to all full and part-time employees, freelancers, and job applicants. Each quarter, BDG reviews the progress made in the Company's commitment to building a more diverse and inclusive workforce and culture.

  • 33% diverse workforce
  • 80% female leadership and workforce
  • 41% diverse hires in 2022

BDG Gives Back

BDG Gives Back is designed to make a bigger impact surrounding:

  • Mental Health Support
  • Empowerment & Equality
  • Innovation & Education
  • Community Building

Each quarter, we focus on one of these areas internally, editorially, and through a non-profit partnership. We offer brand partners, who commit to an annual spend, the opportunity to donate pro bono media to a CSR partner of their choice and BDG will also commit to a donation to the organization.


We support a world that cultivates different perspectives and champions diversity and inclusivity. Our partnerships with values-driven organizations and educational institutions helps drive our mission forward.