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BDG’s suite of innovative advertising solutions helps our clients share their stories and connect with our audiences. Using data and insights, proprietary technology, and premium creative, BDG delivers measurable business impact for our partners.

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BDG Studios

BDG Studios creates premium content and experiences for a vast array of brand partners, harnessing the power of BDG's portfolio to connect with passionate audiences at scale.

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BDG produces unforgettable experiences that inspire audiences and create a lasting impact. Full-scale music festival? Virtual yoga class? Red-carpet premiere? Enjoy our live events wherever you are in the world.

Trends & Insights

As thought leaders in the branded media space, BDG combines business strategy, custom research, and consumer insights to help our partners better connect with their audiences. We help solve real world problems by telling stories rooted in truth.


BDG offers licensing and reuse options through Wright’s Media. Available usages, license fees, and award seal artwork can be secured at

For all requests, please fill out the applicable details on this form for BDG to respond.

Please note that Wright’s Media is the only authorized company that we’ve partnered with for Bustle Digital Group’s materials and they may be in touch regarding license fees, award seal artwork, franchise awards, among other requests.


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