First Response

The Ask

Strengthen First Response's category leadership as the most trusted brand of choice for all testing moments and establish the brand as one that supports every woman's journey.

The Insight

Of the 36 million parents in our audience, 6 million were pregnant or likely to become pregnant in the short term — and 90% of consumers say authenticity is important when deciding which brands they’ll support.

The Solution

BDG created a series of TikTok, native articles, card stories, and newsletters across Scary Mommy, Romper, and Bustle to share stories of real parents celebrating their own first experiences. These authentic stories offered inspiration, wisdom, and joy and placed First Response at the forefront of our readers’ minds as the most accurate and empowering resource throughout their pregnancy journey.

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8 Motherhood Firsts That Almost Always Become Favorite Memories

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Naomi Rose on TikTok

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Everything I Wish Someone Told Me During My First Year As A Mom

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The Results


higher engagement rate than benchmark on Scary Mommy Tiktok



higher click-to-open rate than benchmark on Scary Mommy newsletter



higher completion rate than benchmark on our Romper Card Story