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The Ask

Establish Ulta Beauty as the industry-leading destination for our readers’ skin, hair, and makeup needs by creating meaningful connections with beauty enthusiasts through trending, story-driven content.

The Insight

At BDG, we speak to a diverse audience about beauty through the lens of self-expression, exploration, and experimentation. BDG’s editors offer both industry credibility and an ability to forecast trends, helping Ulta connect more deeply with their core consumer.

The Solution

By tapping the expert insights of our beauty editors, we created a robust collection of trend-inspired premium features and custom-shot TikToks across NYLON, Bustle, and TZR, featuring must-try products from Ulta Beauty along the way. By rooting all the content in trending topics and cultural moments, we sparked conversation and generated credible, trusted affinity for Ulta Beauty as the go-to destination for all your skin, hair, and makeup needs.

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higher engagement rate than benchmark on Bustle TikTok



higher product CTR than benchmark on TZR premium feature