Peacock: Twisted Metal

The Ask

Raise awareness and boost tune-in for Twisted Metal among fans of action-adventure comedies, fast action, and video games.

The Insight

Since Twisted Metal started as a video game, a large number of its fans are gamers (and are 2.78x more likely to read articles about video games).

The Solution

BDG created social and on-site content so people could enter the world of the Twisted Metal series ahead of its premiere. We leveraged our interactive personality quiz tech, giving fans a chance to see how well they’d fare in the world of Twisted Metal.

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Additional on-site content, newsletters, social posts, high-impact media, and sponsorship of the Inverse Summer Blockbuster issue ensured this demo wouldn’t want to miss the Peacock series.

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The Results


total social impressions



social engagement rate on premium feature (31x BDG benchmark)