De Beers

The Ask

Entice readers to spend time with the De Beers brand and promote the RVL collection.

The Insight

Our luxury-minded readers do their research before investing in a forever piece, and they trust our editorial authority on the matter.

The Solution

We highlighted the De Beers RVL collection on W through custom-shot still and video assets with an elevated, minimalist aesthetic. Both captured the idea of duality and genderless design, and the video featured a lo-fi styling session — complete with sound and video effects that made the viewer feel right on set.

On TZR, we teamed up with BDG Fashion Market Director Jennifer Yee to leverage editorial influence. She starred in a photo shoot of understated evening looks all adorned with key De Beers jewelry.

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The Simplest Way To Elevate The Holidays With Fashion Market Director Jennifer Yee

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Find A Forever Heirloom in De Beers' RVL Collection

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