The Ask

Create engaging content and visual assets for Valentino’s spring 2022 collection through W Magazine’s editorial lens, targeting high spenders in fashion and accessories.

The Insight

For his Le Progrès Paris 3ème Arrondissement collection, Valentino Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli was inspired by the intersection of luxury and daily life. We sought to replicate that effortless blend of glamour and wearability by placing a spotlight on a rising star in an understated setting.

The Solution

We featured a serious actor in some major looks: the Juilliard-trained Jayme Lawson, whose upcoming projects include Showtime’s The First Lady and a little movie called The Batman. Lawson fully inhabited the bold silhouettes, candy-colored hues, and handcrafted details inherent in Valentino’s collection; the stripped-down theater setting kept the focus on our main character, her craft, and the clothes (of course).

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