The Ask

Educate readers about vorvida, ultimately encouraging them to sign up for the personalized online program that helps users change their behavior and patterns around alcohol.

The Insight

There’s nothing as powerful as personal storytelling, so we aimed to have readers explore vorvida’s program through the lens of someone who tried it themselves — along with informative, thoughtful content that would inspire others to sign up for vorvida to help shift their habits around alcohol.

The Solution

We told the story of vorvida in a relatable, personal way on Bustle, sourcing an individual who shared her struggles of balancing a demanding work schedule and family life during the pandemic and how it affected her drinking habits. We supplemented this with features on Romper and Inverse which took readers through how vorvida helps people “rethink the way you drink” by sharing the science behind vorvida’s program. We rounded it on social with a custom IG story for an engaging, snackable spotlight of vorvida’s offerings.

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