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Build trust for Huggies among moms of active babies, and raise awareness for Huggies Little Movers as the #1 fitting diaper with a curved and stretchy fit.

The Insight

Babies don’t do too much wiggling around in the beginning, so finding the right diaper for the job can be relatively easy. But once they start rolling, crawling, toddling, walking, and running, moms become hyper-aware of how well their baby’s diaper fits their body.

The Solution

Taking a visual-first approach, BDG Studios produced a photo shoot to capture Huggies-wearing babies of all shapes and sizes, putting the diaper’s superior features to the test. We created a branded digital issue on Scary Mommy to showcase custom assets, features and quizzes on Romper, and features on Bustle. Influencer content amplified Huggies’ campaign messaging across four TikTok videos, with natural product integration and plenty of adorable, wiggling baby footage to keep viewers engaged.

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Scary Mommy Custom Branded Issue

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How The Right Diaper Helps Foster A Sense Of Security In Your Little Mover

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Does Your Baby’s Diaper Actually Fit?

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3 Questions That Will Tell You What Kind Of Crawler Your Baby Is

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