P&G: Super Parents

The Ask

Position P&G Personal Healthcare’s Kid’s Brands — Vicks, Pure Zzz, and PeptoKids — as the answer for parents when their kids aren't feeling their best.

The Insight

At BDG, we know nothing alters the course of a parent's day like a kid who isn’t feeling their best. Whether we’re talking congestion, stomach aches, or restless nights, where there is a struggling kid, there, too is the call of a parent in need.

The Solution

As the premier parenting publisher reaching over 41MM moms and dads, BDG and P&G teamed up to create Super Parents — a custom content hub and dynamic content partnership that tackled various vitality villains like sleep disruption, nasal irritation, and stomach pain, while providing immediate P&G solutions to help parents protect their kids and fight these health offenders off with ease.

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Super Parents Mega Hub

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Pure Zzzs Kidz Cutdown

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7 Ways To Set Your Kid Up For A Solid Night’s Sleep (So You Can Sleep Too)

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9 Moments You Didn’t Realize You Were Your Child’s Hero

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Vicks DayQuil Cutdown

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The Super Parent’s 5-Step Feel-Better Bedtime Routine For A Kiddo With A Cold

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The Results


impressions across each campaign placement for Pure Zzzs Kidz



individual engagements for Pure Zzzs Kidz



impressions across each campaign placement for Vicks DayQuil for Kids



higher than benchmark on Instagram Story for Vicks DayQuil for Kids