Johnson & Johnson: From the Start

The Ask

Build on the success of our previous award-winning “From the Start” program to continue our support of parents as they tackle conversations about race with their kids.

The Insight

With more than 36 million parents across the BDG portfolio, our parenting brands have the scale, authenticity, and trust needed to support J&J’s mission of helping parents navigate conversations about race and racial bias with their kids.

The Solution

We expanded our “From the Start” hub by creating a new series of articles written by expert voices in Black communities, redistributing previous articles, and driving traffic to the hub via an Instagram Story and newsletter series.

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The Power Of Representation: Why Seeing Diverse Characters Matters For Kids

Raising Proud Mixed-Race Kids: How To Help Them Embrace Their Identity

Teaching Empathy: How To Raise Kids Who Stand Up For Others & Advocate For Change

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