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Tap into the power of our parenting portfolio to position Hasbro Games as the perfect summer activity for families.

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As summer approaches, there’s a sense of “fear of being left with your kid,” and finding ways to keep them entertained can be challenging.

The Solution

We leveraged BDG’s parenting prowess, highly engaged audience, and comedy studio’s signature tone to create an entertaining 360 partnership that featured custom videos on Scary Mommy and The Dad, a custom Instagram filter, influencer social content, and a slew of on-site article content. Together we tapped into the real life struggle of keeping kids entertained throughout the summer and eased parents' summer activity dread — positioning Hasbro Games as the summer essential.

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@beleafmel on IG Reels

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4 Clever Hacks For Getting More "Dad Time" This Summer

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The Dad Meme

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5 Inevitable Incidents That Happen At Every Family Game Night

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These 4 Rainy Day Games Will Live In Your Kid's Happy Memories Forever

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Scary Mommy Meme

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Dads Always Rise to the Occasion

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Mom's Real Enemy? A Rainy Day.

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