Danone Activia+

The Ask

Create awareness and excitement for Activia+, Danone's newest product with probiotics for gut health and vitamins C, D, and zinc to help support your immune system.

The Insight

You don't know how much your gut can impact your immune system until you feel top-notch. And with 73% of BDG's audience caring a great deal about their gut health, we were primed to introduce our audience to new Activia+ and its unique product benefits.

The Solution

BDG tapped into our lifestyle and parenting portfolios to create educational and entertaining content across Bustle and Scary Mommy. Complete with two influencer-led TikTok videos, two Instagram Stories, an engaging quiz on Bustle, and a custom video, our content strategically integrated Activia+ brand messaging, brand identity, and key reasons to buy in a way that our audience couldn't help but engage with.

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How To Help Support Your Immune Health

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Most-Asked Questions About Gut Health - Answered!

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