Lexus: Electrification

The Ask

Excite and educate luxury consumers on the Lexus lineup of electrified vehicles.

The Insight

72% of consumers say they want the companies they buy from to recognize them as individuals and know their needs. This meant creating a campaign tailored to each unique person in our audience.

The Solution

We anchored the program in a first-to-market interactive video on Inverse, which takes viewers through a series of personality questions. After clicking through to answer, the host, tech journalist Cleo Abram, reveals the electrified Lexus best for the viewer.

We complemented the campaign with a zodiac-inspired personality quiz on Bustle, a design-led feature on W, interactive social assets, and an educational article on Inverse. All elements clearly delineated the unique properties of and ideal drivers for the Lexus RX Hybrid, NX Plug-in Hybrid, and RZ All-Electric.

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