Genesis with Ashlynn Park

The Ask

Make Genesis synonymous with luxury and design, with its attention to detail as a key differentiator.

The Insight

Between W’s unique access to cutting-edge talent and TZR’s access to the eponymous Rachel Zoe, we aligned Genesis with buzzworthy cultural moments, positioning it at the intersection of luxury, achievement, and design.

The Solution

BDG Studios devised a two-prong approach: We offered Genesis a robust sponsorship of Rachel Zoe’s “Climbing in Heels” podcast, which included on-air, on-site, and social promotion.

We also partnered with designer and freshly minted W New Original Ashlynn Park on the heels of her successful showing at NYFW. With a custom-shot profile of her with the Genesis GV70, social extensions, and a coveted sponsorship of the W New Originals dinner (which Park attended as an honoree), we ensured Genesis gained exposure amongst an audience of influential luxury consumers.

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