Disneyland Resort

The Ask

Raise awareness and consideration among pre-K families in domestic and local markets, proving that Disneyland Resort brings the magic for everyone in the family.

The Insight

BDG reaches 50% of parents of children under 1 and 40% of parents of children under 5, with 40MM social followers across the parenting portfolio.

The Solution

A series of custom articles, engaging Instagram Stories, and attention-grabbing Instagram Story ads across Scary Mommy, Romper, and Fatherly showcased the limitless potential for families to experience magic at Disneyland Resort, with an emphasis on the many attractions and experiences guests can enjoy that aren’t rides and have little to no wait time.

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These Family Favorite Experiences At Disneyland Resort Involve Little To No Wait Time

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Tips For Making Your Kid’s First Trip To Disneyland Resort One They’ll Never Forget

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Yes, You’ll Rediscover The Magic When You Take Your Kid To Disneyland Resort — Here’s Why

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