The Ask

Produce a portfolio of whimsical video, photo, and GIF content to introduce U.S. parents to the Germany-based brand.

The Insight

As the #1 media source for parents—with over 40M followers across the parenting portfolio—BDG is where people with kids turn to discover toys that will ignite their child’s imagination and encourage creative, open-ended play.

The Solution

Working closely with Stapelstein, BDG Studios produced a series of videos, photos, and GIFs to highlight the creative versatility and premium quality of Stapelstein play products. Leveraging this custom imagery, we created a shoppable article on Romper and featured the brand in three editorial mentions across the parenting portfolio.

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The Product That Transformed My House Into A Playground Of Joy, Just In Time For The Holidays

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Fatherly Editorial Mention

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Romper Editorial Mention

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Scary Mommy Editorial Mention

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