U.S. Army

The Ask

Grow awareness of the many career opportunities available within the U.S. Army while increasing the reach of GoArmy recruiting campaigns and storytelling efforts.

The Insight

The U.S. Army’s primary recruiting audience is Gen Z, which falls perfectly within BDG’s readership. Our readers look to us during the transitional periods in their lives for trusted advice on life and career, making this a spot-on partnership for our client and audience alike.

The Solution

We set out to tell uniquely human stories within the U.S. Army, with custom videos and feature articles profiling Soldiers, clearing up misconceptions, and educating and inspiring our readers on the massive variety of career and life opportunities available.

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Sky's No Limit

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One Soldier’s Rise to the Army’s Elite Psychological Ops Unit

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For This Army Drill Sergeant, Mother, And Entrepreneur, Having It All Was The Only Option

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Medic On A Mission

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