JPMorgan Chase & Co.

The Ask

Amplify and expand upon JPMorgan Chase’s “Our Business Is Personal” ad campaign, driving awareness for JPMC as a positive change agent for communities.

The Insight

Women run nearly 13 million U.S. businesses, providing jobs for nearly 10 million people and earning $1.9 million in revenue. And women of color are leading the way:

  • Black female entrepreneurs represent 42% of new women-owned businesses
  • Latina women represent 31%

The Solution

“Tell Her Story” is an initiative designed to spotlight women and communities that lift them up. Across videos, features, and social, we highlighted three female JPMC clients who are making a difference in their respective fields. We asked members of their communities to share personal anecdotes about them and told impactful stories of success.

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Bree Jones Is Taking Back The Block

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How Ms. Congress Heights Got Her Name

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Tell Her Story: Monica Ray

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Brenda Rosen Believes In The Power Of Long-Term Care For Those Experiencing Homelessness

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Tell Her Story: Brenda Rosen

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