The Ask

Help new parents consider GEICO when searching for home or auto insurance.

The Insight

Parents will engage with and remember content that they see themselves reflected in.

The Solution

BDG created a video-led content strategy that played up two distinct routes for building an emotional connection: humor on The Dad and relatable documentary storytelling on Scary Mommy. On The Dad, we created a comedic scripted series in the style of a live sports competition which focused around GEICO’s key points of interest: home and auto. On Scary Mommy, we leaned into our editorial documentary series “I Am Scary Mommy” to produce three co-sponsored episodes highlighting narratives from the neurodiversity community.

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Lawn Clash TikTok

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Trunk Packing TikTok

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Proof Your Stuff TikTok

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Baking magic and breaking stereotypes.

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Doctors predicted her son would never walk. He proved them wrong and then some.

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The Results


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