Walmart+ Grocery

The Ask

Drive awareness and sign-ups for Walmart+ memberships, reaching “time-starved families” with engaging content that highlights key benefits like grocery pick-up and delivery.

The Insight

Service-style content — especially “hacks” that save time and money — continues to engage users across diverse demographics and social platforms. It was important to create content that was genuinely useful to BDG’s audience of parents, driving a clear association between using Walmart+ and saving time and money.

The Solution

Our hero content leveraged Bustle and Romper’s social reach across Facebook, TikTok, Instagram to reach the desired demographic with serviceable, authoritative content. Experts like TV journalist Michelle Park and TikToker Kate Bast shared their best cooking hacks for kids, driving awareness for Walmart+ by sourcing ingredients and supplies via the service. Editorial and dedicated emails served as strong traffic drivers to the Walmart+ sign-up page.

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Romper on TikTok

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Bustle on TikTok

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3-Ingredient Chicken Nugget Weeknight Staple

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The Results


total clicks to sign up for Walmart+



Bustle card story completion rate



Romper TikTok engagement rate