Toyota Prius

The Ask

Position the all-new 2023 Toyota Prius as the “hot then, hotter now” hybrid for GenZennials.

The Insight

What’s “hotter now” to our audience? According to a recent BDG Study, change and progress.

  • 74% are making radical lifestyle changes
  • 86% believe we’re at a pivotal moment of progress

Reinvention is in the air, making our readers primed for fresh takes on the tried-and-true.

The Solution

We partnered with international DJ Carlita to align with Toyota’s campaign for the all-new Prius. BDG captured Carlita on her journey to Coachella as she reflected on her past, present, and future, in close alignment with Prius’ brand messaging.

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The Experience

At NYLON House, Carlita played a set for more than 4,000 celebrities, influencers, artists, and guests. Meanwhile, the Prius captivated party goers with its vehicle display and claw-machine game.

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The Results


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