Executives, Business Owners

Executives, Business Owners

Business Development Group offers one-on-one and team consulting to help CEO's, members of the executive team and business owners increase their effectiveness, efficiency and desired results while enhancing job satisfaction.

Through private and group sessions, we work with clients to define and clarify their goals, and then create a measurable plan for achieving positive change in their careers and lives.  Our consulting relationship encourages clients to continuously evaluate where they are now and where they want to be in the future.

The Executive Coaching Program process helps clients:

  • Clarify their most important career and personal goals
  • Identify obstacles to success
  • Develop specific action plans to meet those goals
  • Establish accountability to ensure success
  • Connect with people and resources that support their objective

At Business Development Group, our metrics for a successful client relationship are based on helping you become energized about making positive career and life changes, and setting your feet on a solid path toward achieving those goals.

Your professional coaching assistance has been very valuable, particularly regarding the critical necessity for balance between one's professional and personal life.

David Isett, CEO
Concordia Coffee Co.

I always considered myself highly motivated, organized and goal-oriented. In a few coaching sessions, I can honestly say my life has been transformed.

Monte Kline, Ph.D.
Pacific Health Centers