Law practice development is challenging. Practicing law at an extremely high level requires lawyers to devote significant amounts of time to serving clients, which does not change throughout most lawyers' law-firm careers. Starting out, lawyers are rewarded mainly for production and acquiring technical expertise. As lawyers progress in their firms, production expectations increase, and upon becoming partners they are expected to devote even more time, contributing to firm management, mentoring others, and expanding their firms' client bases.

Meeting those expectations requires lawyers to refine leadership skills, to improve time and priority management skills, and to build strong, lasting relationships that result in ongoing business and profits for their law firms.

How do you make the leap from being an extremely competent lawyer to also being a law-firm leader, mentor and rainmaker? We help lawyers meet that challenge effectively and rapidly, through one-on-one mentoring and development of important skills. Our focus is to identify the highest return obstacles and to make small, sustainable changes that result in significant benefit over time. Ours is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we'll work with you to refine client development skills and tailored strategies that focus on your strengths and your personal style, so that you can grow your practice while remaining within your comfort zone.

You have focused a tremendous amount of time on your technical competence; we'll help you build your practice.

Your guidance and wisdom helped me reorganize and improve customer service, develop new systems to enhance responsiveness, and develop and implement an action plan that resulted in increased work from new and existing clients.  I have recommended your services to other colleagues interested in rethinking and developing their practices.  Your assistance was greatly appreciated.

Michael Droke, Partner
Dorsey & Whitney

Doug's guidance has led me to a far better understanding of how to market my services, together with an achievable, long term game plan on how to accomplish my practice growth objectives while maintaining a heavy caseload.  Doug has a very enthusiastic and direct approach, and his experience and knowledge vest him with absolute credibility.  I strongly endorse Doug to any professional who needs any amount of assistance improving his or her practice.

Joseph Brown, Partner
Montgomery, Purdue, Blankenship & Austin