About Us

Doug Peterson

Doug Peterson is the founder and CEO of the Business Development Group, a firm that helps executives business owners and professionals.  He understands the complex dynamics in today's competitive business environment. During his 30 years in business, he has led six companies in various industries. His energy, insight, and humor are making him an increasingly popular choice as a speaker among professional and corporate audiences.

Doug's genius is in helping top-executives, business owners and partners in professional service firms take their businesses and careers to the next level while becoming more energized, clear and focused as well as achieving better satisifaction in work and life.  Using the BDG Advantage, a unique system he has developed, Doug guides professionals to work to their gifts and strengths, build an effective team around them, and use their time more productively.  Doug applies this approach individually and within group settings. His work has brought renewed vision, energy, balance and positive change to his clients and multiple benefits to their companies.

Doug is dedicated to his family and to serving his community. Among his community involvements, he was a co-founder and President of the PKU Action Group that worked in co-operation with the University of Washington Biomedical Genetics Clinic. He served from 1999 to 2006 to create a service organization helping families live successfully with the metabolic disorder, Phenylketonuria.  Doug also was a co-founder of the PKU NW Alliance that provides a camp for families and adults with PKU in Oregon for the since 2005.  Doug enjoys his family, sailing, great wine, karaoke and great friends.